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Handling a Busy Schedule without Losing Your Sanity- Here’s How

Does busy sound like a major understatement in your case? Well, we know there’s busy and then there’s an insane kind of busy. Some of us have to work on huge projects consistently with looming deadlines.

Others generally have a taxing job that keeps them working 80 hours a week. Hence, it is all too likely for busy workers to lose their sanity while their schedule keeps getting tough. If you’re in the same boat too, here are some helpful tips that will help you handle a busy schedule without losing your sanity.

Prioritize Self-Care

We know it’s all too easy to let the basics fall aside when you have too much to do in a very short time. The fact is that is neglecting self-care is one of the reasons why you lose sanity amid piles of work. You see, when you’re pounding caffeine away instead of water, skipping workouts, and eating calorie-loaded takeouts, you’re ruining your health.

This is a primary reason why you feel more tired, more stressed, and generally more frustrated. Hence, set your priorities straight. No matter what, give yourself fifteen minutes daily for a little stretching or cardio. Also never compromise on eight hours of sound sleep!

Stash healthy and wholesome snacks in abundance at your desk so that you don’t have to reach for more junk. Most importantly, take power naps: tell your boss your body and mind needs it or he can simply accept an erroneous low-quality report from a dead-tired employee.


There’s no award for the most versatile wardrobe choices or jam-packed schedules. Hence, you don’t need to exhaust your mental energy on needless decisions like planning a new look for work daily. Heck, you don’t even need to cram classical music, reading or whatever if you don’t have time for it at the end of the day.

Simply let go of things that add more stress and needless decision-making rather than value to your life. Needless to say, a simple daily routine sure will reduce your stress.

Stop Over Committing and Start Saying No

Do you say yes to every request coming your way? If that is indeed the case, no wonder you’re the champion of getting insanely busy schedules. It’s the age of self-priority and saying no is now the best move to make. If you’ve got never-ending tasks to do in a day, there’s no reason why you need to crush yourself under more social obligations.

If you can’t find time and energy for it, then don’t push yourself for it out of an obligation. Simply refuse nicely and tell them you’d make it to the next bash for sure.

Organization is Key

You know, part of the reason why things get frantic is when we lose track of everything. Being an in-the-moment person is good at times but not beneficial when it comes to busy schedules. The more organized and sorted you are, the better you will manage your time.

To do that, it is pivotal to establish a system in place and tackle your busy schedule smartly. You can take whatever approach suits you best, whether a written to-do list or a task management system. The only important thing is to plan ahead, visualize and bring in tools that simplify organization for you.


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