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Hobbies We Recommend You To Explore Instead Of Scrolling Your Phone

Young woman stretching in blue sky

Hobbies are a great way to pass the time and are beneficial to your health. According to research, enjoying leisure activities may reduce stress, boost mood, and enhance physical and mental health.

But, have you ever felt stuck when someone asks you ‘Hey, so what do you like to do for fun?’

That’s when you come to a realization that you have no actual hobbies which don’t involve looking at a screen. You wind down at the end of the day by watching television or looking through your phone. Hearing your buddies discuss their interests and activities doesn’t help either. Trust me, I’ve been there. Well, the good news is that it’s never too late to pick up a new hobby!

Not sure which hobby is right for you? That’s what this article is for! Continue reading to find an activity or two that can help make your days more enjoyable, relaxing, and restorative. We guarantee it!


Woman wearing orange shirt meditating in the forest

Meditating has significantly changed my life. It is an amazing way to escape all the chaos and get in touch with my true self. The wonderful thing about meditation is that you already have everything you need to begin started. It is completely free and you may do it wherever you choose!


Young woman in a pink blouse painting a picture

Ever told yourself you were going to pick up painting as a hobby one day but never really got to it? Well, here’s your calling! I personally enjoy painting because it allows me to express myself creatively. Plus, there are no right or wrong ways to paint. So, put on some good music, enjoy a glass of wine, and channel out your inner Johannes Vermeer.

Step Up Your Make-Up Game

Young woman applying eyeshadow on her eyes

Ladies, this one is for you. If you’ve been thinking about bettering your makeup skills, now’s the time! What better way to practice than when you’re going to be home all day? That way, if you look like a mess, no one’s going to see it. However, if you nailed the makeup look, you can always take a selfie!

Start Photographing

Using an iphone to capture a picture of the sea at sunset

Make use of your iPhone camera features by snapping photographs of the most random things you set your eyes on, whether it's nature or a pet. Explore your talents! You never know unless you give it a shot. Now, if you’re clueless, there are tons of videos online explaining how you can make full use of your camera. A good book on photography is another great place to start! So, click away!


A woman journaling her thoughts on a journal

The best moment to start journaling is right now if you haven't already. Writing about the events of the day or whatever is on your mind can be comforting, but the art of journaling does not end there. What I like to do is write things I’m grateful for at the end of the day. For example, I had my favorite sandwich for lunch today and I’m so happy.

Being thankful for the little things in life really makes a huge difference, trust me!

Take out your favorite pen and a notebook, and you're ready to go.

Learn A New Language

A woman in class smiling at her iPad with a man in the background laughing

Learning a new language can be fun and also beneficial when traveling. I’m not asking you to learn every language there is out there but maybe those Spanish classes you’ve been looking into? It’s time you enroll in it. Plus, it’s an exciting way to meet new people and learn about new cultures. Solo se vive una vez!

See, that's why you need those Spanish lessons!

Learn To Cook

A young woman tasting the food she just cooked

Okay listen, I’m a fan of those 2 minutes noodles and microwaved mac and cheese too but there’s just something so exciting and fulfilling about being able to cook a meal from a scratch. It gives me this sense of accomplishment and pure happiness. If you’re relatively new to cooking, there are tons of recipe books out there to get your hands on! Start with something like ‘Recipes for beginners’. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can start baking as well!

Sign Up For Dance Classes

A couple salsa dancing

What better way to show off your moves other than dance classes? If you’re thinking of learning a new dance or just looking for a way to get your body moving, enrolling in a dance class is the answer! Whether it’s salsa, belly dance, or even ballet, dancing helps to reduce stress, improve flexibility and burn calories. Sounds like the perfect weekend plan if you ask me!

Learning a new pastime doesn't have to require a lot of time, energy, or money, but it may provide some fairly remarkable outcomes.

You could find yourself becoming skilled in something you never imagined it was possible to do by setting aside just a few minutes each day and making it your mission to learn something new.


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