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How Can We Make Gyms Safe?

During the coronavirus, a lot of Americans face mental health consequences as a result of isolation. As a result of the isolation, economic uncertainty, and fear of the virus, we’ve seen trends in alcohol and drug consumption.

For many people, the experience changes in sleep or eating patterns, difficulty sleeping is associated with the crisis as a whole. For many people, one remedy to the mental anguish of life was going to the gym–but for obvious reasons gym has not been an option.

We’ve covered different home workout strategies on this blog, but as businesses start to open up its safe to wonder if we can start going back to the gym. In this article, we’ll cover how different gyms are trying to safely operate amid the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as how you can keep yourself safe.

What Strategies are Gyms Taking?

Gyms are taking the expected precautions of keeping their patrons six feet apart, wearing PPE like masks, as well as regularly wiping down commonly touched surfaces. Wearing a mask to the gym might have seemed inconceivable back in February, but gyms are considering it a wise move–with some requiring it from their guests.

Some companies are requiring their customers to book in advance with an app, as well as taking temperatures at the door. Anyone with a questionable temperature is sent away, but this still puts the employees in harm’s way. However, the rules and regulations from state and federal authorities aren’t clear, so it’s wise to contact your gym in advance and see what precautions they’re taking.

What Can We Do?

I want to get back to the gym as bad as everybody, I miss the days of spending forty minutes sitting on a bench and feel accomplished because I went through a couple of warmup sets. The problem is if you live with, or come in contact with, immunocompromised individuals. Staying home until the recent surge in cases has quelled would be a wise move if you’re in this position.

However, if you do end up going the number one suggestion is using a mask. It would also be wise to bring some disinfectant wipes, and limit your workouts to a couple of machines and equipment. Practicing social distancing is another must, which your gym should be making an effort to enforce.

Many doctors have advised that you avoid gyms at all costs. If you can job and workout with bands and your bodyweight, that should be your go-to option. However, activities like going for a job would be challenging in urban areas because of the density. If you’ve exhausted your options, then don’t feel guilty–just make sure to take the proper precautions.


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