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I Started taking Apple Cider Vinegar Pills and this is how it went:

With overexposure to health and wellness through media consumption and my own vanity, I decided to begin taking Apple Cider Vinegar Pills as a dietary supplement. To be specific, I ordered NutriFlair’s Raw and Unfiltered,1600 mg Apple Cider Vinegar pills that are noted to have detox, digestion, and weight management. I’ve read about dietary methods where people take a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar a day to promote digestive and gut health. However, Apple Cider Vinegar has an everlasting rotting smell that can make any salad or recipe acidic. I think its pungent smell can be unbearable and seems to last forever once it's exposed to air. I can only imagine how repulsive a tablespoon of ACV would taste. As desperate as I was to defeat my belly bloat, this did not seem worth it at all.

After discussing my frustrations to a friend about my ongoing battle with belly bloat and weight gain, she recommended these supplements.

“My sister lost like 10 pounds the first month, she wasn’t hungry at all,”

After a quick google search, there weren’t any red flags or cautionary articles about side effects, I was sold and made the purchase. I outlined my experience and I hope I can convince you to take the plunge like I did in trying alternative ways to promote natural health and wellness. After a month of taking the suggested use of 2 pills daily, here are my pros and cons.


  • Suppressing appetite (safely) I still ate a full meal but I did not have the same urges to over consume on snacks and deal with the nausea that comes from overeating

  • I did not feel as bloated, with ACV being aligned with improving glucose metabolism, I felt it was a bit easier to maintain my weight even if I did not exercise.

  • ACV is known for its antibacterial agents. It was comforting knowing I may have been detoxing my body from irregularities.


  • Using pills can create a concern from consumers as to what ingredients are actually being reported. Although this bottle listed 1600mg amounts per serving, the pills can contain ingredients that are not listed as the FDA does not regulate dietary supplements.

  • The odor of AVC that is pungent and sour is still present in pill form. Although not as strong, I still held my breath when swallowing.

Overall, ACV has natural and healthful benefits as it has been noted to help with cholesterol, glucose levels, weight management, and these pills were vegan products. As a recommendation, I believe it is important to research the supplements or remedies we are consuming. I would consider dosages to body weight and lifestyle. To reduce potential risks, I found myself more interested in ingesting ACV naturally so I was more aware of the amount I was actually ingesting. Health and wellness can often be subjective, but overall, these supplements made me feel better in terms of my digestive health.


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