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Return to Normalcy is Challenged with COVID-19 Delta Variant

With the United States lessening social distancing restrictions, and mask mandates, many felt a return to normalcy with vaccinations becoming more accessible and COVID-19 cases decreasing. However, the SARS-Cov-s mutation spread quickly in India and Great Britain last year. The CDC has warned people of the serious nature of this mutation. The Delta Variant has been claimed to spread faster and can heavily affect unvaccinated individuals. With music festivals commencing, and large gatherings becoming more frequent, many are anxious about the growing health concerns surrounding Delta.

Florida has emerged with new cases of COVID-19 reaching a record high of over 21,000 new cases. The delta variant has caused long lines for testing centers, and increasing hospitalization. Many Floridians are urging Governor DeSantis to increase restrictions to prevent the spread of the Delta variant. However, De Santis has lessened mask mandates and does not believe a lockdown is required. DeSantis has been criticized for his lax approach to this very serious global pandemic as many are frustrated by the lack of consideration to high risk groups. Many are frustrated at the governor as they do not believe he has taken the proper precautions to ensure the safety of individuals in Florida. Rising hospitalizations in Florida has lessened accessibility to treatment and has exhausted many health care workers. This mutation has made it a not so sunny day in Florida as the variant is much more contagious than the novel virus.

Experts like Anthony Fauci, believe that this variant will continue to spread and worsen as unvaccinated individuals are at high risk. Many are hopeful that this rise may lead to more individuals becoming vaccinated. The decision to become vaccinated has been highly divisive and polarizing as vaccinations are often met with apprehension and fear. However, the growing fear of variants and mutations may outweigh concerns many unvaccinated people have. Health experts have seen this variant as a wake up call for Americans and a reminder of this variant and its seriousness.


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