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The 5 People You Need to Make Friends With

It is natural to prefer people who share similar interests and passions, as we all have a natural affinity for people who seem to be like us. However, the problem with 'same kind' friendship is that similar interests can only take your friendship so far. This kind of friendship usually lacks a true connection. True connection often is more about shared weaknesses. The best friendships are usually born out of a desire to connect deeper. Who are those five people you need to be friends with?

1. Someone Older Than You Are

One of the most important people you need in your circle as a friend is someone older than you are. You need this type of friend because they'll inspire you to be a better person without making you feel less of yourself. Having these kinds of people around will challenge you to improve yourself, and if you don't have people like this in your circle of friends, find them.

2. Someone With a Different Cultural Background

The beauty of having a friend from a different cultural upbringing from yours is that it enables you to learn values, appreciate people more, and customs that could be beneficial to your life. Imagine having a friend in Asia or Africa, people with totally different cultures from yours.

3. Your Neighbor

As common as this might sound, many people don't have friends amidst their neighbors, and it's crazy. Rather, some see their neighbors as enemies. Now don't get me wrong, some neighbors can be a jackass, that's true, but there are also good ones who are dependable and trustworthy. Having a neighbor friend means someone out there across the street who's got your back and looking out for you even when you are away.

4. Someone At Work

Having a full-time 9-5 could be challenging and depressing, right? I bet I'm right. Research has shown that the more workers get isolated at work, the more depressed they get. Getting yourself a work friend means you have someone you can always chat with about work, who can always watch your back or even stand-in for you. This type of friend will make your life much easier and more fun in the workplace.

5. Someone Loyal and Trustworthy

Sometimes, all you need to be the best version of yourself is that one friend that's loyal to you. Someone who won't judge you but will offer you the needed support no matter the situation. These types of friends know the secrets you won't share, yet they still love you in your mess. In a lifetime, you may not have more than one or two people like this around you, so if you have one already, keep them close. If you don't, get yourself a trusted and loyal bestie because you're going to need one.


Friends are support systems that help us through lows and highs, look for people around us and make friends


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