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The Art Of Living Mindfully

A woman in a field of sunflowers with her hands up

Living mindfully enables us to concentrate on the here and now rather than dwelling on the past, which has passed, or the future, which frequently leads us to disengage into our minds. You are in complete control of your thoughts, feelings, and actions right now. Your future is shaped by it, for better or worse.

We should all aspire to live mindfully. The practice of mindfulness can also help us maintain better mental health.

Not sure how to practice mindfulness? Worried it's too much for your hectic schedule? Here are some everyday measures you can take to live more mindfully. You've got to start somewhere right?

So, let's jump right on it!

How Does Mindful Living Work?

Living mindfully is being aware of being present at the moment. And making the most of it. In order to guarantee that you live a good and present life, the concept of mindful living is paying attention to your actions, words, and emotions.

It's about avoiding living a reactionary and internalized existence where you miss out on the world around you. It involves going out into the world to live a good human life, one that embodies virtue and is consistent with one's inherent character.

How To Practice Mindful Living?

Walk with your head up

A man walking in the woods, looking up

Where do your eyes look as you walk as you race to your next destination? Truth is, the majority of us are too busy looking down at our feet.

If your eyes are glued to the ground and your shoes, boy, do you miss a lot of what is going on around you. You must adjust your sight if you want to practice mindful living. Try taking a breather for a bit and gaze above. Have you seen any road signs? Perhaps a bird passing by? Maybe a jet is flying high over you? Just adjusting your eyes will allow you to see life as it happens all around you.

Practicing this also helps you stay alert when it comes to your surroundings.

Count your blessings

One of the more simple suggestions for mindful living is to express gratitude. Practicing gratitude and recognizing the positive aspects of our lives can make us happier.

There are several methods to express appreciation, including gratitude journals and thank-you cards. But I tend to do this right before bed. I say "thank you," one way or another, whether it's in a prayer or just a list.

Remember that living thoughtfully doesn't require us to always be joyful or to ignore the negative things that occur to us. Yet cultivating thankfulness helps us see the positive aspects of our life and develop compassion, which we may use to deal with negative situations.

Be compassionate

Two good friends talking with one another

To all living beings. To your surroundings. Also to yourself. Being compassionate is a key component of living a mindful life. And when you take the initiative to be compassionate, you are consciously sharing goodness with the world.

Spreading kindness may be done in a variety of ways, such as practicing appreciation. There are several varieties of random acts of kindness, such as paying someone's tab or leaving kind messages.

Please be mindful of your own need for kindness from time to time. Moreover, don't feel bad about showing some compassion towards yourself.

Pay attention to others

Listening to others is one of the mindful living guidelines to follow. You have undoubtedly heard this sentiment before. Most people frequently ruminate on their ideas as they consider what to say after the other person has finished speaking.

And it's true that our minds race so quickly and frequently that it's difficult to block them out. The present-moment attention, however, is a crucial component of mindful living. And when someone is speaking to you, pay attention to just hearing what they are saying and listening for any nonverbal indications rather than trying to think of the perfect words to reciprocate with.

Focus on the outside world

A garden with a wooden swing

The amount of beauty you'll discover in your surroundings is one of the fantastic benefits of living mindfully. Take a time to glance out your window in particular. Step outside for a while. Look at your neighbors. Watch the birds as they soar about.

Recognize for a minute that you are witnessing life unfold. You'll probably get a lot of brief glimpses into the lives of others. Just be grateful for everything going on around you without passing judgment. Enjoy the gratitude that comes with seeing animals living their best lives nearby.

You know, there have been many billions of other living beings before us, and they have never seen what you are seeing. Consider how incredible life is and how fortunate you are to be a part of it.

Mediate regularly

A young woman meditating on a blue mat

Consider starting a regular meditation practice as a way to practice mindful living. If you’re new to meditation, there are so many available online! One of the many advantages of the internet.

You may browse meditation videos depending on your specific interests, such as anxiety, awareness, or focus. Also, you may easily listen to a variety of meditations to help you develop mindfulness so that, even when you aren't meditating, you are more aware of your behaviors and actions.

Pause for thought

A man sitting on a bench in a park and thinking

The final suggestion for mindful living is to take a moment to think. Set aside time each day to reflect on how you are spending it.

Whenever you feel yourself saying something harsh or nasty, try to apologize as soon as possible. At the end of the day, you can evaluate your day's level of mindfulness at night. Living mindfully is a process that takes time. Even after months of experience, you'll still discover that you're a person who makes errors, similar to the rest of us. Mindfulness takes practice and patience. You'll get there eventually!

It's time to venture out into the world with a little more awareness now. With these mindful living tips, you may now live a more present life while trying to become more conscious of how you act.

You can meditate, perform deeds of kindness, let go of your suffering, and express your gratitude to others. Whatever you do is up to you. You have complete control over how you respond to your surroundings. Now put your computer or phone down and go engage in some mindful living. It’s an amazing world out there, you just have to be present to enjoy it!


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