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Transform Your Smile With Doctor Armen Akopian

Have you spent hours avoiding looking at your smile in an insane number of Zoom meetings over the last few months? Many have. As the world shifted to working remotely during the lockdown, people noticed that their smiles needed a touch up because of discoloration, shifting and misaligned teeth. Staring at a camera knowing that these blemishes exist creates insecurity causing you to avoid eye contact and even cover your mouth. It doesn't have to be this way.

Dr. Armen Akopian

Luckily, Doctor Armen Akopian built his career performing cosmetic dentistry, giving people another chance at a great smile. He studied at the NYU’s College of Dentistry where he was accepted into the Aesthetic Honor’s Program. He studied under the guidance of the inventor of the porcelain veneer, Dr. John Calamia. With Dr. Calamia and other world-renowned faculty, he was able to learn about cutting edge technology and techniques used to treat and correct a multitude of cosmetic issues. After shining amongst his peers at NYU, Dr. Armen completed a year-long general practice residency at the Mt. Sinai affiliated Queens Hospital Center.

Grateful for the countless opportunities and guidance from innovative figures in the dental field, he has spent hours mentoring young students. He has also participated in volunteer mission trips, providing free health care to those in need. When visiting Dr. Armen’s Fifth Avenue office, each patient receives custom-tailored attention and recommendations based on their personal goals and desired look. Thanks to state of the art materials and master ceramists, Dr. Armen has provided countless patients with natural smile improvements that fit with the desired aesthetic of his or her facial features. These services are performed through the help of sophisticated computer software that allows patients the opportunity to preview their finished smiles before they even begin their treatment.


Smile Makeover patients leave Dr. Armen’s office with a healthy, natural smile they can be proud of. Patients feel more comfortable in their daily lives because a smile makeover restores your jaw to a healthy bite position. And most importantly, a smile makeover improves your dental hygiene, which impacts your entire health and well-being.

Dr. Armen Akopian’s Smile Makeover involves studying each individual’s facial features, bite and personality types, and creating a custom smile that enhances the natural features of their face. The process involves a combination of veneers, crowns, onlays, bondings, whitening, and Invisalign.

The first visit will involve a full set of x-rays, photos, digital scans, and a smile preview to see what could be. The following visits, depending on the case, involves preparing your teeth and temporizing them, allowing the patient to view and approve or ask to modify the esthetics before moving forward to the finals.​

Sometimes patients will come into the office needing specific revisions in their smile

imperfections. Dr. Armen has experience treating the following issues:

  • Uneven teeth

  • Gaps between teeth

  • Cracks

  • Chips

  • Misalignment

  • Discoloration

  • Deep stains

  • Worn or short teeth

Porcelain veneers are used to address these issues. Master ceramists work carefully together with Dr. Armen to create veneers from durable and thin ceramic materials under his guidance and direction. He then bonds these personally crafted veneers to the front of the patient’s teeth.

What's the process?

  • Visit 1: The initial consult; Photos; Radiographs; Intraoral Scans; Discussing your expectations and desires esthetically​​

  • Visit 2: Teeth preparation and making your trial smile

  • Visit 3: Verify the bite and ensure you are happy with your temporaries

  • Visit 4: Final veneers are fitted

Implants & Regular Dental Services

Dr. Armen practices general dentistry with an emphasis on cosmetics, full mouth reconstructions, and implants. He believes in a comprehensive approach to treating patients as there is a direct correlation between the maintenance of oral health and overall health.

While an expert in full mouth reconstruction, he also provides dental implants, Invisalign, root canals, and more. Click here to set up an appointment!


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