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Easy & Affordable Homemade Food For Your Dogs - My Honest Review of ChefPaw

chefpaw and raw food

When I adopted my first dog, I had very high expectations for myself. I was going to be a model dog mom. I’d make all of her food myself, using only the best ingredients. I’d become the equivalent of a Michelin-starred chef of dog food. She’d be the healthiest dog that ever lived. After all, she was my only child and she deserved the best. So I followed all the right Instagram accounts and had a list of recipes saved to my phone. I bought all the organic ingredients and was ready to go.  But then I actually tried to make the food.

Not only did it take forever and cost a small fortune, but she didn’t even seem to like it that much. Her stomach made some crazy noises and her poops were not great. Plus, I was worried that I wasn’t giving her the nutrition that she needed. (I mean, these Instagram influencers I was following definitely weren’t vets.) So after a few weeks of this, I tried one of the food delivery services that I was seeing ads for. It cost almost as much as my rent and it took up all my freezer space.

So I resigned myself to feeding my pup kibble. But I felt like I wasn’t being a good dog mom, so I was always looking for a better option. Fast forward a few years and add two more dogs to my little pack, and I came across something called ChefPaw while perusing the AKC website. This first-of-its-kind dog food maker makes feeding your dog fresh, healthy food so much easier and cost-effective than other options. (Spoiler alert: I got one.)


This countertop cooker takes up just 9”x12” and eliminates hours of prep and cleanup. You simply add whole ingredients to the ChefPaw, turn it on, and in 40 minutes, you’ve got 6 pounds of fresh food for your dog ready to go. You don’t even have to do anything while it’s cooking! 

“But how will I know what to make?” you might be asking yourself. I had the same question before I placed my order. That’s where the ChefPaw app comes in. ChefPaw customers get access to a free app that offers preset recipes curated by their in-house vet and nutrition analysis. It sounded too good to be true. 

Now, the ChefPaw isn’t cheap. The unit costs around $649. I was willing to spend more than I had been on kibble but I was worried that this might end up costing the same as the food delivery services when the food costs were taken into consideration. But there’s a price calculator on the ChefPaw website that allows you to compare the cost of your current food with what you’ll spend with ChefPaw. Much to my surprise, by using ChefPaw, I would save hundreds of dollars each year even when compared to the kibble I was buying! I was shocked. But also sold on ChefPaw. So I ordered it and waited impatiently for it to arrive.


When the ChefPaw arrived on my doorstep, I immediately unwrapped it, got it set up, and logged into the app. I scrolled through the suggested recipes and was impressed with the selection. There were options for puppies, common allergies, and even for economical options that were still super nutritious. I decided to start with the Economy Dog with Beef & Rice, which was made with eggs, canned pumpkin, rice, carrots, broccoli, and ground beef. The cost came out to $1.69/pound (much cheaper than my old kibble).  I literally just tossed in the ingredients following the easy step-by-step instructions in the ChefPaw app and turned it on. Forty minutes later, I had 6 pounds of food that my pups were salivating over.

Plus, in the app you can create separate profiles for each of your dogs to store their favorite recipes and notes on their unique dietary needs!

I’ve been using ChefPaw for 3 months now and I see a huge difference in my dogs’ digestion. Their poops are easy to pick up and they never have upset stomachs anymore. Their coats seem shinier and they also seem to have more energy. The fact that I’m actually saving money by feeding them this way is incredible. If you have a dog (or dogs) and you want to find a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to feed them healthy food that they absolutely love, get ChefPaw. You won’t be disappointed, and your dogs will adore you even more than they already do.

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